Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 14 (2006)

Volume 14, Number 1

UK stabilization/solidification treatment and remediation – Part I: binders, technologies, testing and research
A. Al-Tabbaa and A.S.R. Perera

UK stabilization/solidification treatment and remediation – Part II: performance, QA/QC and guidance documents
A. Al-Tabbaa and A.S.R. Perera

Mechanisms of lead immobilization in treated soils
D. Dermatas, N. Menounou and X.G. Meng

In situ soil mixing treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater: two case studies
C.W. Evans

Brownfield development: the remediation and demolition of two MGP sites and a former steel mill
M.A. Fleri and G.T. Whetstone

Assessing the true technical/environmental impacts of contaminated land remediation – a case study of containment, disposal and no action
M.J. Harbottle, A. Al-Tabbaa and C.W. Evans

S/S experience in France
M.C. Magnié

The temperature dependency of the hardening of stabilized/solidified contaminated soil
B. Chitambira, A. Al-Tabbaa and X.D. Yu

Volume 14, Number 2

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Session 1: Site redevelopment – case studies I

Clean-up of the Grasbrook Gasworks in the Hafen City of Hamburg
M. Großcurth, M. Osten, R. Kilger

Remediation of a gasworks site for residential development: the Wharf Lane site, Solihull, UK
I. Heasman and F.J. Westcott

From wasteland to green parkland, the remediation of theformer West Melbourne gasworks, Victoria, Australia
K.N. Mival, W. Pump, URS Australia; G. Dixon, VicUrban

Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
E. Verhagen, Creative Cities

Session 2: Regulating and managing the environmental impact of remediation

Factors affecting soil clean-up levels achievable by thermal desorption technologies at MGP Sites
William L. Troxler and Thomas W. Brankley

The environmental impact of conducting environmental work
Ben T. Foster

Stack emissions and ambient air quality impacts from thermal desorption systems at MGP sites
William L. Troxler, Frank B. Kellogg III and Christopher H. Vail

Session 3: Treatment

The use of slurry phase bioreactor technology for the remediation of coal tars
R.A.P. Thomas, D.E. Hughes and P. Daly

Remediation of the former gasworks, High Wycombe, UK
S.E. Arch, M. Pearce, K.E. Johnston, A.J. Murray, T. Kelly and P.E. Hardisty

Energy recovery and cost-effective remediation of manufactured gas plant waste at a fixed-base medium temperature thermal desorption facility
Dean A. Hargens, Frank B. Kellogg III, Jim Cummings and Barbara A. Butler

Comparison of pilot-scale bioremediation of PAH contaminated construction rubble with laboratory tests
Bernhard Gemende, Anja Gerbeth, Gerhard Müller, Christina Höse, Jürgen Seidel, Rüdiger Lange and Roland H. Müller

Session 4: Sediment management and ecological risk

Bioavailability and toxicity of PAHs at MGP sites
E.F. Neuhauser, J.P. Kreitinger, D.V. Nakles, S.B. Hawthorne, F.G. Doherty, U. Ghosh, M.F. Khalil, R.S. Ghosh, M.T.O. Jonker and S.A. van der Heijden

Case study: large-scale clean-up of NAPL in riverbed, river diversion and restoration – Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
C.A. Haas,T. Staley, J. McCarter, J. Hazel, B. Friesen and M. Zebley

Liquid sediment: behavior of water gas process MGP tars in the aquatic environment
G.W. Cross

Session 5: Monitored natural attenuation

Enabling site development through natural attenuation and plume stabilization monitoring at a former gas works in Dartford, UK: a corporate approach and the lessons learned
A.G. Lee, C. Michols, D. Stevenson and N. Donaldson

Natural attenuation at tar oil contaminated sites – results from the German funding priority KORA
N. Hüsers, P. Borke and P. Werner

Field scale investigations of natural attenuation processeson the tar oil contaminated site of a wood preservation facility – a case study
C. Leibenath, P. Borke, N. Hüsers, H. Lorbeer, S. Schönekerl and P. Werner

Session 6: Public stakeholder involvement and policy issues

Clean-up of an MGP site at an elementary school in Ottawa, Illinois, USA
L.F. Milner

The importance of risk communication in the successful design and implementation of a remedy at a former MGP site
J.R. Ash and M.V. Leone

Citizen participation in decision-making: the role of the independent overseer in (re)building trust
C.P. Nathanail

Session 7: Emerging and innovative technologies I

Remediation of the former gas plant in Munich by Funnel-and-Gate
J. Weindl, M. Koch, S. Romboy, F. Tidden

Monitoring of organic and inorganic parameters for a full-scale in situ pulsed air-sparging programme
A.R.G. Shields, A.P. Butler, P. Daly and P.E. Hardisty

Demonstration of tailored levels of in situ heating for remediation of a former MGP site
R.S. Baker, D. Brogan and M. Lotti

DARAMEND® bioremediation for the treatment of PAH impacted soils and sediments
A. Seech, D. Raymond and J. Moreno

Session 8: Economics of MGP reuse

Insurance recovery for manufactured gas plant remediations
M.J. Lynch, J.M. Sylvester, J. Harte-Lovelace, A.C. Middleton, D.R. Jones

Assessing the costs and benefits of MGP site remediation
P.E. Hardisty, S. Cassie, J. Ellis, S. Wallace

Financing MGP clean-up through recovery on historic liability insurance policies
L.J. Eisenstein, J.L. Malanchuk

Session 9: Site redevelopment – case studies II

Safety and environment impact assessment as part of remediation options analysis
R. Bracken, L. Keeys, F. Evans, K. Stone and P. Hardisty

Brownfields remedial action and redevelopment of the Adriaen's Landing former MGP site
P.F. Muniz and P.D. McLellan

Redevelopment of a manufactured gas plant site into SBC (Pac Bell) Ball Park using a risk-based approach
M.B. Bloes, A.L. Spencer and L. Feldman

Case study using a multidisciplinary approach – ground investigation, risk assessment, groundwater lowering and site remediation at Wymondham Manufactured Gas Plant
G.W. Farrant, P. Horswill, T.E. Pang and R.A. Merlane

Session 10: Forensics

The more the merrier: identifying other PRPs at MGP properties
C.G. Johnson

Estimating soil pollution at gasworks sites
P.O. de Vries and K.R. Weytingh

Determining the source of PAHs in sediment
S.D. Emsbo-Mattingly, A. Uhler, S. Stout, G. Douglas, K. McCarthy and A.J. Coleman

Source characterization and identification as a means of assessing the type of bonding in the soil and its subsequent impact on bioavailability
P. Mulvey and C. McKay

Session 11: Managing large MGP portfolios

Management of former gas works sites by Gaz De France
G. Lemoine and O. Gosset

Third-party auditing of the assessment and remediation of four rural manufacturing gasworks, Victoria, Australia
P. Sinclair, S. Richards, F. Howe and R. Negrelli

Session 12: Overcoming legal and regulatory hurdles/developing best practice

Innovative regulatory approach to MGP site clean-up and redevelopment ‘the North Carolina MGP Program’
T. Silar, P. Watters and P. Doorn

Thiocyanates, do you have a problem or not?
P.O. de Vries and K.R. Weytingh

Toxicity: a legal analysis
J. Voorhees and L. Bade

Corporate governance issues, land contamination and reclamation
L.S. Spedding

Session 13: Containment and control of subsurface contamination

Long-term performance of a passive groundwater treatment system
S. Oosting, E. Greene, P. Haederle and J. Enos

In situ bioremediation of cyanide, PAHs and organiccompounds using an engineered SEquenced REactive BARier (SEREBAR)
J.D.F. Robinson, R.A.P. Thomas, S. Wallace, P. Daly and R. Kalin

Slurry wall containment at National Grid's Harbor Point site
M.S. Schultz and T.W. Young

MGP NAPL interception with organophyllic media: flow-through column test results
M.J. Gefell, E.C. Rankin and W.R. Jones

Session 14: A US model for collaborative research on MGP sites

Using an appropriate bedrock investigation procedure for acoal tar-impacted fractured bedrock aquifer
A.J. Coleman

Case study: confirmation of TarGOST laser-induced fluorescence DNAPL delineation with soil boring data
M.B. Okin, S.M. Carroll, W.R. Fisher and R.S. St. Germain

Air emission monitoring, vapor control and public communications during MGP site excavation in close proximity to neighbours
J.W. Lingle, H. Nehls-Lowe and M. Falk

Survey of the distribution and sources of PAHs in urban surface soils
D.M. Mauro, P.J. DeClercq, R. Siegener and A.J. Coleman

Session 15: Emerging and innovative technologies II

Sources and innovative treatment of ammonium at former manufactured gas plants
J.D.F. Robinson, R.A.P. Thomas and P. Daly

DNAPL recovery evaluations at five MGP sites
D.A. Hargens, B.A. Butler and M.V. Murphy

Session 16: Risk assessment and risk communications

The Australian risk-based approach to assessing and remediating MGPs
J. Clay

Risk-based remediation of a former MGP site in Italy
N. Lazovic, C. Rampi and P. Jarre

Risk assessment and risk communication to populations near former manufactured gas plant sites in New York City
C. Leary, M. Crane, W. Lowe and M. Wilkenfeld

Human health risk assessment: application of the NORISC-HRAand ROME models at two test sites
F. Quercia, A. Vecchio, M. Falconi, L. Togni, E.B. Wcislo, J. Dlugosz and J. Korcz

Volume 14: Number 3

The derivation and use of soil screening values for metals for the ecological risk assessment of contaminated land: a regulatory perspective
G. Merrington, S. Fishwick and D. Brooke

Effect of voltage gradient on integrated electrochemical remediation of contaminant mixtures
Krishna R. Reddy and Madhusudhana R. Karri

Assessing contaminant migration pathways and vertical gradients in a low-permeability aquifer using multilevel borehole systems
Peter Dumble, Max Fuller, Paul Beck and Paul Sojka

The application of soil washing to the remediation of contaminated soils
Mike Pearl, Marc Pruijn and Jan Bovendeur

Volume 14, Number 4

Bert-Jan Baars

Sludge pond containment using CSV
Wolfgang Oltmanns and Hans-Günther Dymek

Arsenic mitigation strategy for rice, using water regime management
S.M. Imamul Huq, U.K. Shila and J.C. Joardar

Paste technology for tailings management
T. Meggyes and Á. Debreczeni

Experience gained from the post-closure aftercare of the contained Münchehagen contaminated site
Günter Nerlich

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