Clean-up of the Grasbrook Gasworks in the 
HafenCity of Hamburg
Marion Großcurth, Monika Osten and Ralf Kilger

In the HafenCity (Hamburg’s city development project), the Overseas Quarter will be completed by 2009, as the largest and most important element. It will cover a surface area of approximately 10 ha. The largest part of the site is the former premises of the oldest gasworks in Hamburg, which covered an area of nearly 7 ha. The Grasbrook Gasworks was built in 1844 and operated, with many modifications, until 1976. The site had to be decontaminated by excavating the soil (approx. 300 000 m3) and either treating or dumping it. Besides the usual subtasks of such a clean-up measure, other specific
tasks had to be completed during construction. There were many external circumstances that had to be observed, such as: separation of contaminated soil into 27 assignment classes, soil sample analyses, bomb disposal, safety and emission control, odour and dust exposure, obstacles, measurement, documentation, conservation of evidence, cruise terminal activities and public relations. The execution of clean-up measures to avert hazards started in January 2004. It was completed by the autumn of 2005. Site decontamination was absolutely imperative for the development plan of the Overseas Quarter in HafenCity. In addition, the station ‘Overseas Centre’, on the new underground line, will be built there.

Key words: clean-up, contamination, cost overrun, excavation, gasworks, PAH, remediation, schedule

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 14 (2), 185-188

DOI 10.2462/09670513.772

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