UK stabilization/solidification treatment and remediation – Part I: binders, technologies, testing and research
A. Al-Tabbaa and A.S.R. Perera

This paper is part of a two-part publication presenting an overview of the state of practice in UK stabilization/solidification (S/S) treatment and remediation. The two papers present a summary, including recent updates, of the seven state-of-practice reports produced by the EPSRC-funded Network
STARNET (Stabilisation/Solidification Treatment and Remediation Network). This first paper covers binders, technologies, testing and research. The binders covered include cement, blast furnace slag, pulverised fuel ash, lime, clays, bitumen and waste materials. Implementation techniques include ex situ and in situ processes: ex situ processes include plant processing, direct mixing and in-drum processing, and in situ processes include mechanical mixing using augers, mechanical mixing using backhoes, blenders and mixers, and pressure mixing. The testing section concentrates mainly on leaching tests which are divided into extraction tests and dynamic tests. The research section lists a number of, mainly academic, research activities in the UK over the last decade, and presents a number of research priorities identified as part of the STARNET activities. Part II of this publication covers performance, quality assurance/quality control and guidance documents.

Key words: binders, ex situ stabilization/solidification, in situ stabilization/solidification, leaching

DOI 10.2462/09670513.703

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