Brownfields remedial action and redevelopment of the Adriaen’s Landing former MGP site
Paul F. Muniz and Phillip D. McLellan

The Adriaen’s Landing development complex is located in Hartford, Connecticut (USA) at the site of the former city gas works. The ten-acre Connecticut Convention Center, a 22-story hotel tower, and a 2600-space parking garage have been constructed over property that contained MGP-waste
impacted soil and groundwater. State and local agencies have acquired and redeveloped the property, assisted by private master planners and real estate partners. Remediation plans were developed by the team to enable the site to regain beneficial use and to facilitate the construction process.
Property reuse incorporated numerous brownfield concepts, including use of building foundations as caps over waste to remain in place; simultaneous waste excavation and foundation preparation; integration of vapour and odour control models and technologies during construction; and implementation
of environmental land use restrictions after completion. Remedial action involved use of a structural foundation slab as a contaminated groundwater volatilization vapour barrier and as a means to prevent both direct human exposure to and further mobilization of contaminants from underlying contaminated soil. Areas outside the building footprint were covered with a buried HDPE plastic liner for similar purposes. Contingencies for nuisance odour control included liner deployment below potential residential foundations and installation of soil gas collection piping below landscaped
features. During excavation and disposal of contaminated soil, perimeter air monitoring systems were used to evaluate potential fugitive emissions to protect neighboring urban properties. Management and control measures included comprehensive soil pre-categorization and task planning. The project demonstrates numerous design features and construction practices that can be repeated in public or private projects of various scales.

Key words: brownfields, public agencies, redevelopment

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 14 (2), 370-375

DOI 10.2462/09670513.752

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