Management of former gas plant sites by Gaz de France
G. Lemoine and O. Gosset

Gaz de France manages 467 former gas plant sites. A certain number are being prepared to return to urban development in complete safety and under acceptable economic conditions, reflecting an approach based on sustainable development. In 1996, in light of the number of sites and ongoing changes in laws and regulations, Gaz de France signed a ten-year agreement with the French Ministry of the Environment.

The agreement categorized the sites in five classes of sensitivity with regard to their potential impact on occupants and immediate surroundings, and initiated a long-term programme:

• immediate action was taken on class 1 and 2 sites;
• primary sources of pollution were eliminated and tanks were cleaned up at other former plant sites;
• in addition, Gaz de France carries out an environmental diagnosis when a change in use is foreseen and conducts remediation on the basis of future use.

Moreover, the agreement allows Gaz de France:

• to set rehabilitation objectives for development sites: the semi-generic study (2001);
• to inspect and monitor the quality of underground water: the specific circular (2002).

Those documents were approved and transmitted by the ministry to local governments as references. Gaz de France conducts site remediation according to these principles. Under such conditions, 332 hectares of land were returned to urban development by the end of 2005.

Key words: agreement with authorities, remediation on the basis of future use, schedule, urban development

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 14 (2), 429-431

DOI 10.2462/09670513.723

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