Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 8 (2000)


Volume 8: Number 1

Ground contamination adjacent to a major rural highway in the UK
pp. 1-8
Peter Wood

Fluoride pollution from an aluminium smelter in Romania
pp. 9-12
Frances Davies and Geoff Notcutt

Identification of arsenic-resistant bacteria in the soil ofa former munitions factory at Löcknitz, Germany
pp. 13-18
C. Walker, C. Goodyear, D. Anderson and R.W. Titball

Volume 8: Number 2

Gravimetric analysis of organic contamination in railway ballast
pp. 71-74
Peter Anderson, Colin J. Cunningham, and D. A. Barry

The long-term assessment of a cement stabilised/solidified contaminated made ground for use as a road construction material
pp. 75-85
M.J. Board, J.M. Reid, Fox and D.I. Grant

Planting trees on contaminated soils: issues and guidelines
pp. 87-101
Nicholas M. Dickinson, James M. Mackay, Alan Goodman and Philip Putwain

Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from groundwater using permeable reactive barriers. Part 1. Treatment processes for pollutants
pp. 103-116
Franz-Georg Simon and Tamás Meggyes

Volume 8: Number 3

Can metal phosphate formation in soils be used as a treatment for metal contaminated soil? A summary of recent research
pp. 153-165
Mark E. Hodson and Eugenia Valsami-Jones

Geo-engineering problems at Hoole Bank acid tar lagoon, Cheshire, UK
pp. 167-173
Douglas Nichol

Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from groundwater using permeable reactive barriers. Part 2. Engineering of permeable reactive barriers
pp. 175-187
Tamás Meggyes and Franz-Georg Simon

Bioreclamation of coal mine overburden dumps in India
pp. 189-199
S.K. Chaulya, R.S. Singh, M.K. Chakraborty and B.K. Tewary

Synergism of Cu and Zn in plants irrigated with processed wastewater
pp. 201-207
P.A. Drakatos, J.K. Kalavrouziotis and S.P. Drakatos

A new approach for the investigation of natural attenuationat field-scale
pp. 209-215
M. Herfort, T. Ptak, R. Liedl and G. Teutsch

Biogeochemical transport modelling of natural and enhanced remediation processes in aquifers
pp. 217-223
H. Prommer, G.B. Davis and D.A. Barry

Determination of the potential for natural and enhanced biotransformation of munition compounds contaminating groundwater in a fractured basalt aquifer
pp. 225-232
Simon Toze, Luke Zappia and Greg B. Davis

Monitored natural attenuation of explosives at the Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant
pp. 233-239
M. Zakikhani, J.C. Pennington, D.W. Harrelson, and D. Gunnison

Volume 8: Number 4

Comparison of bioaugmentation and biostimulation in ex situ treatment of diesel contaminated soil
pp. 261-269
C.J. Cunningham and J.C. Philp

The screening and scale up of ex situ physico-chemical treatment options for Cr-contaminated ground and surface waters, Glasgow, UK
pp. 271-279
Andrew Hursthouse, Kevin Forster, Grant Murney, Peter Tucker, Caroline Whalley, Guy Wiltshire, Stephen Gallagher, Jacek Osinski and Krzysztof Wargocki

Two-phase solvent extraction of PCBs and heavy metals (Cd, Cu) from contaminated soils
pp. 281-286
J. A. Gascón, V. Marina, O. Salas and I. Susaeta

Identification of contaminant transport pathways beneath industrial sites
pp. 287-300
R.J. Lunn, A. Vickery, B. Hobbs and B. Ngwenya

Application of in situ remediation technologies – 1.Contextual framework
pp. 301-322
R. Paul Bardos, Philip Morgan and Richard P. J. Swannell

The assessment of ‘environmental abnormal costs’ during the conveyancing of brownfield land
pp. 323-332
Francis J. Westcott

Trace element status of dredged spoils and hydromorphic soil in the Mahin area, south western Nigeria
pp. 333-339
A.O. Aweto and O. Oyegunwa

Behaviour of neat and enriched volatile petroleum hydrocarbon mixtures in the subsurface during leaching
pp. 341-347
I. Dror, Z. Gerstl, R. Prost and B. Yaron

In situ effect of soil amendments on the dynamics of kerosene attenuation
pp. 349-356
I. Dror, Z. Gerstl, C. Braester, H. Rubin and B. Yaron

A comprehensive tool for the simulation of complex reactive transport and flow in soils
pp. 357-365
Eckhard Schneid, Alexander Prechtel and Peter Knabner