Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 7 (1999)

Volume 7, Number 1

Assessing the risks
A. Clifton, M. Boyd and S. Rhodes

Waste management Licensing Regulations applied to remediation of contaminated land: regulatory drift or appropriate regulation?
Francis J. Westcott

Comparison of rapid methods of groundwater sampling using direct push probes
pp. 41-48
Stephen Rumford, John Yersin, Malcolm Hetheridge and Rob Cumming

Coalfield regeneration: an initial appraisal of the taskforce approach in East Durham
pp. 49-56
Paul Greenhalgh and Andrew McCafferty

Volume 7, Number 2

Assessing risks from contaminated sites: policy and practice in 16 European countries
pp. 87-108
Colin C. Ferguson

Landfill technology in Germany
pp. 109-119
Ulrich Holzlöhner, Tamás Meggyes and Stefan Seeger

Contaminated land registers: an analysis of the UKand USA approaches to public management of contaminated sites
pp. 121-132
Paul M. Syms and Robert A. Simons

Influence of phytoextraction effectors on the ferment activity of heavy metal polluted soil
pp. 133-141
R.V. Galiulin, V.N. Bashkin, P. Birch and R. Kucharski

Recovery of usable ore fines from iron ore tailings and their environmental management – a case study
pp. 143-149
M.K. Ghose and P.K. Sen

Volume 7, Number 3

Overview of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradationby white-rot fungi
pp. 191-197
R. Canet, J. M. Lopez-Real and A. J. Beck

Field measurement procedures for contaminants from formergasworks
pp. 199-208
A.M.A. Bennett, S.D. Jones and R.S. Morris

The soils of the Ibadan metropolis: nature and characteristics
pp. 209-217
A. Gbadegesin and M. A. Olabode

Volume 7, Number 4

Waste management licensing regulations applied to the remediation of contaminated land: an update
pp. 245-251
Francis J. Westcott

Bioremediation of pentachlorophenol pollution by the fungus Coriolus versicolor
pp. 255-260
Millie A. Ullah and Christine S. Evans

Use of a microcosm to predict short and medium-term movements of pollutants between soils/sediments and water
pp. 261-264
Paul A. Hackney

Extraction of heavy metals from sediments using the SERVO process
pp. 265-269
Corinne Allimann-Lecourt, Terence H. Bailey, Michael Cox, Liam M. Gilby and Joseph Robinson

Processes determining the behaviour of chromium in chromite ore processing residue used as landfill
pp. 271-279
J.S. Geelhoed, J.C.L. Meeussen, D.G. Lumsdon, M.J. Roe, R.P. Thomas, J.G. Farmer and E. Paterson

An investigation into the spatial and temporal distribution of lead, cadmium and zinc in contemporary soils and paleosols in a high arctic and an arctic alpine environment
pp. 281-284
T.P. Meggeson and N.W. Hall

Contaminated land and risk communication: developing communication guidelines using a mental models approach
pp. 285-289
Judith Wylie and Noel Sheehy

Modelling the speciation of contaminants in soils and groundwaters
pp. 291-292
Stephen Lofts and Edward W. Tipping

An investigation into the relationship between the uptake ofcadmium, copper, lead and zinc in fractions of bay willow (Salix pentandra) and soil found in the root occupancy
pp. 293-296
Andrew P. Maxted

Modelling of the internal processes operating in the Whitworth No. 1 Wetland
pp. 297-299
Ben Rees

Bioremediation of nitrocellulose pollution
pp. 301-304
Nadja Auer, Robert G. Veness and Christine S. Evans