Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 6 (1998)

Volume 6: Number 1

Landfill capping: engineering and restoration – Part 2.Engineering of landfill capping systems
pp. 27-37
 T. Meggyes, E. Simmons and C. McDonald

Bioaccumulation of lead, from a metalliferous spoil tip, by the lichen Peltigera Lactucifolia
pp. 49-50
F. B. Pyatt

Containment Barrier at Pride Park, Derby, England
pp. 51-58
Peter Barker, Annette Esnault and Peter Braithwaite

Volume 6: Number 2

Current status of contaminated site management in Germany
pp. 73-82
Karin Freier and Detlef Grimski

Landfill capping: engineering and restoration part 3 – restoration of landfill capping systems
pp. 83-90
E. Simmons, T. Meggyes and C. McDonald

Use of coal tar contaminated soil in road paving asphalt
pp. 91-101
George E. Hoag, Amine Dahmani, Farhad Nadim, Chandra S. Dulam and Ellen Quinn

Soil values for the application of organic waste toagricultural land and the recycling of mineral waste
pp. 103-106
Claus G. Bannick, Günther Bachmann and Peter Dreher

Chemical pollution of the agrolandscapes of the Samarkand Oasis (Uzbekistan) and the methods used in their reclamation
pp. 107-110
Rumiya R. Galiulina, Rauf V. Galiulin, Vladimir N. Bashkin and Paul Birch

Volume 6: Number 3

Landfill gas measurement and verification: practical considerations using a combination of modelling and field measurements
pp. 125-130
Peter J. McKendry

The drawdown of Grassmoor Lagoons: direct discharge to foul sewer as a cost-effective approach to groundwater and surface water remediation
pp. 131-141
Francis J. Westcott

Remediation of acaricide solutions in cattle tick dips to minimise soil and environmental contamination: filtration
pp. 143-148
Lukas Van Zwieten, Lyn Andersen, Michael Karkkainen and Anthony Tyler

Land disposal of heavy metal contaminated dredged sediments: a review of environmental aspects
pp. 149-158
Satya P. Singh, Filip M. G. Tack and Marc G. Verloo

Volume 6: Number 4

Soil contamination, risk reduction and remediation
pp. 183-197
Enzo Lombi, Walter W. Wenzel and Domy C. Adriano

Sampling and monitoring of contaminated soils: research uncertainties and needs
B.E. Davies

Risk assessment and soil contamination
pp. 207-213
Tim E. Aldrich, Craig Torres and Dean Lilquist

The management of contaminated soil remediation programmes
pp. 223-237
Zueng-Sang Chen