Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 5 (1997)

Volume 5, Number 1

Contaminated land policy
I Martin, W Visser & P Bardos

Remediation of contaminated soils using foams
J J Kilbane II et al

Root growth patterns of two nitrogen-fixing trees under landfill conditions
Y S G Chan

Improving standards of landfill restoration
E Simmons

Volume 5, Number 2

Landfill capping: engineering and restoration 1. Structure and function of landfill capping systems
C. McDonald, T. Meggyes and  E. Simmons

Some Plant Communities of Weathered 30-year-old Pulverised Fuel Ash Deposits
F.B. Pyatt, R. King and P. Birch

Standards for Revegetation
Stephen Blunt

Research into the Environmental Chemistry, Investigation and Assessment of Ammunition Residues and Military Sites
Frank P. M. Karg

Separation of Sulphide Minerals from Mill Tailings
Alan J. Humber

Volume 5, Number 3

Selected papers from the 1997 International Containment Technology Conference and Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. February 9-12, 1997

The Design of in situ Reactive Wall Systems – A Combined Hydraulical-Geochemical-Economical Simulation Study
G. Teutsch, J. Tolksdorff and H. Schad

Hydraulic Performance of Permeable Barriers for in situ Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater
David J.A. Smyth, Steven G. Shikaze and John A. Cherry

Use of a Geomembrane Steel Sheet Pile Vertical Barrier to Curtail Organic Seepage
John L. Guglielmetti and P. Brandt Butler

One-dimensional Contaminant Transport Model for the Design of Soil-Bentonite Slurry Walls
Ashutosh Khandelwal, Alan Rabideau and Jennifer Su

Development of a Design Package for a Viscous Barrier at the Savannah River Site
G.J. Moridis, A. James and C. Oldenburg

Geomembranes with Incorporated Optical Fiber Sensors for Geotechnical and Environmental Applications
David J. Borns

Large-area, Long-term Monitoring of Mineral Barrier Materials
A. Brandelik and C. Huebner

Mass Transport of Heavy Metal Ions and Radon in Gels Used as Sealing Agents in Containment Technologies
I. Lakatos, K. Bauer, J. Lakatos-Szabó and H.-J. Kretzschmar

Modification of Clay-based Waste Containment Materials
Kofi Adu-Wusu, Joyce M. Whang and Michael F. McDevitt

Considerations in the Development of Subsurface Containment Barrier Performance Standards
Steve Dunstan, David Lodman and Andrew P. Zdinak

Long-term Performance of the WaterlooDenitrification Barrier
W. D. Robertson and J. A. Cherry

Phosphorous Adsorption and Precipitation in a Permeable Reactive Wall: Applications for Wastewater Disposal Systems
Michael J. Baker, David W. Blowes, Carol J. Ptacek

Water Balance of Two Earthen Landfill Caps in a Semi-arid Climate
Milind V. Khire, Craig H. Benson and Peter J. Bosscher

Kaolinitic Clay-based Grouting Demonstration
A. Lynn McCloskey, Creighton J. Barry and R. Wilmoth

In situ studies of the performance of landfill caps (compacted soil liners, geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, capillary barriers)
Stefan Melchior

Investigation of the Performance of Cement-bentonite Cut-offWalls in Aggressive Ground at a Disused Gasworks Site
P. Tedd, I. R. Holton, A. P. Butcher, S. Wallace and P. J. Daly

Developments in Permeable and Low Permeability Barriers
Stephan A. Jefferis, Graham H. Norris and Alan O. Thomas

Surface Barrier Research at the HanfordSite
Glendon W. Gee, Anderson L. Ward and Michael J. Fayer

The Origins of the Slurry Trench Cut-off and a Review of Cement-bentonite Cut-off Walls in the UK
Stephan A. Jefferis

Geosynthetic Clay Liners – Slope Stability Field Study
David A. Carson, David E. Daniel, Robert M. Koerner, Rudolph Bonaparte

Injection of Colloidal Size Particles of Fe0 in Porous Media with Shear thinning Fluids as a Method to Emplace a Permeable Reactive Zone
K. J. Cantrell, D. I. Kaplan and T.J. Gilmore

Volume 5, Number 4

Heavy Metal Pollution and Speciation in Coastal Sedimentsoff an Industrial Estate
Poh-Eng Lim & Arrene Yeet-Kong Hoi

Heavy Metals and Nutrients in Soils and Sediments of Raine Island, Great Barrier Reef
G.A. Barry & G.E. Rayment

Site Clean-up – the Pros and Cons of Disposal and In Situ and Ex Situ Remediation
G.B. Davis

Lead in Two Urban Catchments in Sydney, Australia
P.C. Ford & M.J. Dale

Pest control Depots as Sources ofGroundwater Contamination in Perth, Western Australia
S. Appleyard, P. Manning & P. Thorpe

Distribution and Environmental Impact of Endosulfan in a Cotton Growing Area in New South Wales, Australia
B.W. Cooper & A.J. Brooks

Distribution of Seleniferous Soils in North-west India and Associated Toxicity Problems in the Soil-plant-animal-human Continuum
K.S. Dhillon & S.K. Dhillon

Arsenic and DDT Residues at Cattle Tick Dip Sites in NSW
K.W. McDougall

Soil Contamination by Pesticides in Thailand
Poonsook Haruthaithanasan

Can Soil Management be Regulated to Protect Water Quality?
Brent E. Clothier

Remediation of Acaricide Solutions in Cattle Tick Dips to Minimise Soil and Environmental Contamination II – Bioremediation
L. Van Zwieten, A.L. Tyler, L. Andersen & A.M. Grieve