Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 3 (1995)

Volume 3, Number 1

Contaminated Land and the Common Law: the Current Position
Martin Edwards

Contaminated Land – a Resource for Wildlife: a Review and Survey of Insects on Metalliferous Mine Sites in Cornwall
Adrian Spalding and  Chris Haes

Volume 3, Number 2

Habitat Conservation and Creation within the Landscape Masterplan at London Stansted Airport, Essex
Penny Anderson and Ashley Leftwich

A Method to Determine the Ecological Compensation Requirements of New Economic Developments
Irene Burkhardt and Friedrich Duhme

Environmental Management of Wetlands Formed Following Brick Clay Extraction, at Peterborough Southern Township, UK
Ingrid Byng and Paul Johnson

Spider and Harvestman Communities of Urban Wetlands
Emma Caradine, Susan Page and John Bullock

Species-Density in Relation to Urban Open Space
Gerald F. M. Dawe

Insects in Urban and Post-industrial Settings
Steven Fa1k

The Enhancement of Young Plantations and New Woodlands
Joanna L. Francis

The Creation of Woodland Habitats in Urban and Post-industrial Environments
S. J. Hodge and R. Harmer

Habitat Creation on Channel Tunnel Spoil in a Maritime Environment at Dover, UK
Jonathan Mitchley and Peter Buckley

Urban Heathlands – Their Conservation, Restoration and Creation
Ian D. Rotherham

Management of Road Verges: a Ten-year Experiment
A.W. J. van Schaik

A Case for Creative Conservation
Richard Scott

Establishment of Sand Dune Flora on Power Station Wastes 
Peter Shaw

Defensible Wildlife Corridors?
Ralph Tomlinson

Beacon Wood – A Post-industrial Country Park
Catherine Williams

Volume 3, Number 3

Planning and Contaminated Land
Joe Weston and Richard Smith

Volume  3, Number 4

1. Keynote Addresses

History of the Manufactured Gas Business in the United States 1 – 1
G. J. Mon

Meeting the Environmental Challenge: Managing our Former Gasworks Sites 1 – 4
S. Munro, S. Wallace, P. Walker, P. Kirby

Site Management Trends and Research Directions in the United States of America 1 – 6
I. P. Murarka

Manufactured Gas Plant Site Ownership in the 1990s 1 – 8
E. F. Neuhauser

The Australian and New Zealand Approach to Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) – Assessment, Regulation and Remediation 1 – 9
R. Thomas, I. Hosking

2. Soil and Groundwater Treatment

A Rational Approach to the Remediation of Soil and Groundwater at Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 2 – 1
R. A. Brown, M. Jackson, M. Loucy

Treatment of Wastewaters from Manufactured Gas Plants 2 – 3
V. Cocheci, C. Bogatu, C. Radovan

Behaviour of Tensio-Active Compounds used in the Clean-up of Contaminated Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 2 – 6
M. Elektorowicz, R. Chifrina, B. Konyukhov

Remediation of Groundwater Pollution at a Former Gas Works Site by in-situ Methods 2 – 8
J. A. Falkenberg, C. T. Boesen, L. B. Mortensen

Co-Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated by Hexacyanoferrate and Domestic Waste Water 2 – 11
 J. de Koning

RDP – A New On-site Soil Remediation Method 2 – 13
T. A. Mellin, K. N. Jensen, S. Jensen

The Application of Geochemical Principles to the Investigation of DNAPL Contamination at Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 2 – 15
J. A. Ripp, J. F. Villaume, S. E. Powers

Subsurface Fate and Transport of Cyanide at MGP Sites 2 – 18
J. Shefchek, I. Murarka, A. Battaglia

Clean Soil Process Technology for Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 2 – 21
K. Szymocha, W. Pawlak, L. Ignasiak, T. Ignasiak, J. Kramer, A. Rojek

Degradation of PAH at Frederiksberg Gasworks Site: Lab-Scale and Field Experiments 2 – 24
P. A. Willumsen, U. Karlson, J. B. Larsen

3. Risk Assessment and Public Health Issues

Studies Supporting Health-based Risk Assessments and Corrective Actions for MGP Sites 3 – 1
L. S. Goldstein

Relative Toxicity as a Function of Environmental Availability 3 – 4
J. M. Kuperberg, M. G. Kolta, C. M. Teaf

Monitoring Air Emissions at Coal Tar Site Remediations: a Practical Approach to Risk Management 3 – 6
J. P. Nett, D. A. English, D. A. Hargens

Development of a Risk Based Remedial Strategy for an MGP Site in Northern Italy – A Case Study 3 – 8
R. Pozzi, A. Battaglia, R. Goldstein, D. Wilson

Derivation of Site Specific Health Based Cleanup Levels for Manufactured Gas Plant Waste Based on Multi-Media Exposure Modelling 3 – 10
A. Raza, S. Trojanczyk, J. L. Kochian

The Development and Implementation of the ASTM Standard Guide for Risk-based Corrective Action Applied at Petroleum Release Sites – RBCA 3 – 14
D. D. Rounds, P. C. Johnson

Ecotoxicological Testing of Creosote Contaminated Soils (MGP Site) 3 – 18
M. Skøt, E. Arvin, O. Kusk, S. Dyreborg

Risk Assessment: Principles and Applications for Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site Remediation 3 – 21
C. M. Teaf, R. C. Herndon, D. M. Haney

Risk Assessment: Helping to Focus Risk Management Objectives for MGP Sites 3 – 24
K. von Stackelberg, C. Menzie, J. Cura

4. Expedited Site Characterization and Field Analytic Methods

Expedited Site Characterization (ESC): A New Methodology with Application to FMGPs 4 – 1
A. J. Bevolo, J. D. Wonder

Site Assessment at Former Gas Work Plants using the D Tech® PAH Immunoassay 4 – 4
R. Gail-Eller

Determination of Oil-products, Associated with Radionuclides, in Waters and Soils 4 – 6
N. Golovko, A. Rozko, E. Sobotovich

Investigation and Feasibility Study for a Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site in Tuttlingen (Germany), based on Individually Determined Clean-up Criteria 4 – 9
C. Heinecker, H.-J. Pickel, J. Duffek

Use of Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) for Real-time Field Screening of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Associated with Manufactured Gas Plants 4 – 11
S. H. Lieberman, W. C. McGinnis, M. Davey

Multisampling, Fast Field GC-MS-Analysis and Statistics for the Investigation and Remediation of Inhomogenous Soil Contamination 4 – 14
G. Matz, J. Kübler, W. Schröder

Significance of Field Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry for Expedited Site Characterization and Risk Assessment 4 – 17
S. Piorek, J. R. Pasmore, E. Piorek, M. R. Kahn

Application of a Passive Soil Vapor Survey at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant 4 – 20
B. A. Scamoffa, J. P. Cusick, R. Leckenwalter

5. Project Management Issues

Gasworks (Manufactured Gas Plant) Site Regulation, Management and Remediation in New South Wales, Australia 5 – 1
E. Anderson, W. Symonds

Optimization of Clean-up of Soil Pollution: the Case of Kralingen 5 – 4
V. Brettschneider

An Evaluation of Naturally Occurring Levels of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in a Small City and the Impact on Clean-up Criteria and Risk Assessment – a Case Study 5 – 6
C. A. Cramer, K. D. Lund

Small Site Strategies: a Practical Approach to Gas Works Site Investigations 5 – 8
D. A. English, S. E. Broglio

Environmental Risk Management Decision Making for Former Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 5 – 11
K. A. Frantzen, L. H. Liebs

Multiprocess Gas Plant Remediation: an Example 5 – 14
O. Goehrs

Key City Gas Light Company Site: a Remediation Case Study 5 – 15
J. Golchin, S. Nelson

Historical Overview of Manufactured Gas Processes Used in the United States 5 – 17
A. C. Middleton

Remediation of Soils at the Former Gaz de France Le Cornillon Gasworks, Saint Denis, France 5 – 20
G. Morekas, G. Marceau, S. Cazanave, P. Ollier

Pilot Evaluation of On-site Systems for Groundwater Remediation 5 – 22
I. P. Murarka, C. Sweeney, E. Sawicki, A. Jain

Former Manufactured Gas Plants in the Netherlands: Extent and Nature of Contamination and Remediation Options 5 – 23
H. H. M. Rijnaarts, E. M. G. Heessels, H. J. Doddema

Full-Scale Bioremediation of a Former Manufactured Gas Plant in Canada 5 – 25
G. Thibault, J. Lei, J. Blanchet, M. Plante, B. Cyr

Financing the Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plants in the Netherlands 5 – 27
B. Viveen, J. Stellema

6. Bioremedation

In-situ Bioremediation Application Strategies for Soil and Groundwater Impacted by PAHs 6 – 1
S. Borchert, J. Mueller, E. Alesi, C. Leins, V. Haninger

Biodegradation of Manufactured Gas Plant Soils with High Phenol Concentrations and Alternatives 6 – 5
B. Gemende, H. Kuehne, G. Mueller, J. Wotte

Combined Chemical-biological Treatment of Soils and Sediments Contaminated with Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) 6 – 6
R. F. Lewis, R. Kelley, J. P. Moreau

DARAMEND Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plant Soils 6 – 8
I. Marvan, A. Seech, N. Friis

Use of Groundwater Circulation (UVB) Technology and Integrated Bioreactors for Chemical Containment and in-situ Bioremediation of Subsurface Environments Contaminated by Coal Tar Creosote: Full-scale Field Validation 6 – 11
J. G. Mueller, F. Lakhwala, S. E. Lantz, C. Heard, E. J. Klingel, W. B. Langley, M. D. Brourman, R. B. Coffin, B. Trust, C. Kelley, L. A. Cifuentes, M. T. Montgomery, T. A. Boyd, W. W. Schultz

Bioremediation of Manufactured Gas Plant Soils Using Fungal Cultures 6 – 17
D. M. Munnecke, M. A. Fletcher, O. I. Avila, J. Callanan, S. Yunker, C. J. Baker Lee

Win Some, Lose Some: Lessons Learned During Bioremediation of MGP Sites in Sweden 6 – 19
A. Petsonk

7. Thermal Treatment Technologies

Thermal Treatment of Contaminated Soils at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant 7 – 1
D. I. Rubin, J. E. Rosina

LEEP® – Low Energy Extraction Process for the Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 7 – 3
W. Steiner

Tischler Mobile Fluid Bed Oxidizer Technology: Its Use in the Remediation of Oil Tank Bottom Sludges 7 – 6
S. E. Tischler

Case Study of Manufactured Gas Plant Site Remediations Using Thermal Desorption 7 – 7
R. G. Vogel, T. Hayes, K. F. Slimon, D. Unites

8. Containment and Control of Waste Constituents

Application of State-of-the-Art Technology to Contain Wastes at a Former Manufactured Gas Facility 8 – 1
J. S. Campisi, A. S. Kurzydlo

The Behaviour of Gasworks Contaminants in Soils 8 – 4
R. Failey, D. Warlow

Electromagnetic in-situ Heating for MGP Site Remediation 8 – 7
S. I. Firstman, G. C. Sresty

Beneficial Use of the Upwelling Phenomenon in Coal-Tar Remediation Efforts 8 – 9
G. Oudijk, M. Coler

Evaluation of the Long-term Performance of a Hanging Slurry Wall at the First Superfund MGP Site in the United States 8 – 11
J. F. Villaume, M. A. Hewitt

The ‘Griftpark’ Former Gasworks Remediation Site: Isolation, Monitoring and Control 8 – 13
P. W. de Vries

9. Materials Reuse and Handling Issues

Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Waste: Processing for Burning as a Supplemental Fuel 9 – 1
M. S. Bursaw, P. P. Ozarowski, A. L. Donahoe

Air Emissions and Odor Control During MGP Site Remediation 9 – 3
A. Cornell, D. Unites

A Feasibility Study to Use Coal Tar Contaminated Soil in Asphalt Cement Mixture Production 9 – 5
G. E. Hoag, A. Dahmani, F. Nadim, C. S. Dulam, E. Quinn

Co-Firing Manufactured Gas Plant Residues in a Pulverized Coal Utility Boiler: Evaluation and Results 9 – 11
K. L. Hylton, I. P. Murarka

Recycling, Reuse and Remediation of MGP Sites and Coke Plant Wastes 9 – 13
P. Kipin

Coburning Manufactured Gas Plant Soils in Electric Utility Boilers – A Reasonable Treatment Option 9 – 16
I. Murarka, W. Witt, K. Hylton, D. Helmers, M. Loucy, B. Taylor, M. McCabe, J. Ripp

Characterization and Treatment of Cyanide in MGP Purifier Wastes 9 – 19
T. L. Theis

10. Dismantling and Decommissioning Issues

Case Study: Decontamination and Decommissioning of a Multi-Purpose Coal Gasification Pilot Plant 10 – 1
R. L. Gay, G. Subbaraman

MGP Sites and Coke Plant Dismantling and Decontamination 10 – 4
P. Kipin

Environmental Impacts of Manufactured Gas Plant Demolition: Examples from Site Remediation Experience 10 – 8
D. Unites

11. Legal Issues

Regulatory Oversight of Site Remediation by Rules & Regulations: Is This the Model for Other Nations to Follow? 11 – 1
C. R. Bozek, W. R. Weissman

Legal Aspects of the Clean-up and Reclamation of the Manufactured Gas Plants 11 – 4
V. Joldzic

Presumptive Remedy Approach for Remediation of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 11 – 6
S. Kaczmar, A. Raza, J. L. Kochian

The Legal Aspects of MGP Remediation in Common Law Jurisdictions 11 – 8
B. Kellock

12. Regulatory Issues

Considerations for Risk-based Corrective Action at Contaminated Gas Works Sites: Examples from Canada and the United Kingdom 12 – 1
P. E. Hardisty, J. H. Sevigny, R. C. Croft, R. A. Bracken, R. Hobby

EPRI Software for the Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites 12 – 4
I. P. Murarka, A. Quinn

MGP-REM Process: A Low-Cost Remediation Alternative for Manufactured Gas Plant Sites 12 – 5
V. J. Srivastava

13. Land Regeneration Issues

Columbus Georgia MGP Site Clean-up Case Study 13 – 1
N. D. Dennis

The Assessment and Remediation of Former MGP Sites in Italy 13 – 4
P. Jarre, B. Merlino, A. O. Thomas

Manganese Iron Cyanide as Possible Mineral Form in Contaminated Non-Acidic Soils 13 – 7
M. G. Keizer, J. C. L. Meeussen, W. H. van Riemsdijk

Factors Affecting the Distribution of Aromatic Compounds around Manufactured Gas Plants 13 – 10
O. Kiilerich, E. Arvin

The Treatment of Coal Tar Contaminated Soils and Hazardous Coal Tar Sludges from a Manufactured Gas Plant using Molecular-generated Solid Acid Alumino-silicate Catalysis 13 – 12
J. P. Newton, K. V. Hartley, P. H. Doran, G. J. Donato, M. F. Heisler

The Status of Remediation and Redevelopment of Contaminated Property in the U.S.: MGP Owner’s Perspective 13 – 15
E. J. Quinn, R. F. Calabrese, L. E. Wargo

An Evaluation of Soil Treatment Technologies for Former Manufactured Gas Plants 13 – 18
D. I. Rubin

Construction of a Movie Theater at Lot 12: a Case Study in Reuse of a Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site 13 – 21
D. F. Schoenholz, Y. Nordhav

Large Scale Clean-up of Manufactured Gas Plants in Urban Areas in the Netherlands 13 – 24
B. Viveen

Investigation and Remediation Planning of a Tar Oil Contaminated Fractured Sandstone Aquifer 13 – 25
F. Wittkowski, G. Battermann

14. Poster Presentations

Technical Application of Acoustic Coagulation for Precipitation of Gases 14 – 1
H. Czyz

Remediation of Groundwater Pollution at a Former Gas Works Site by in-situ Methods 14 – 2
J.A. Falkenberg, C.T. Boesen, L.B. Mortensen

Extraction with Supercritical Fluids – An Alternative Extraction Method for the Characterization of Contaminated Soil 14 – 2
M. Gartner, A. Loibner, E. Nasahl, R. Braun

Air Pollution in the Area of Astrakhan Gas Works (Russia): Risk Assessment for Human Health Based on Immunological Studies 14 – 2
E. P. Kisseleva, P. G. Nazarov, A. V. Polevschikov, L. S. Kositskaya, O. Ya. Popova G. A. Belokrylov, R. P. Ogurtsov, I. S. Freidlin, V. A. Bochanovsky

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Biodegradation in Different Soils 14 – 4
A. P. Loibner, M. Gartner, M. Gerigk, A. Pfleger, R. Braun

Bioventing in situ: A Technology for Depolluting Soil from Petroleum Products 14 – 4
J. Masák, A. Cejková, V. Jirku, J. Cerný, F. Hercík

New Strategies for Quality Assurance in Fast Soil Analysis in the Field 14 – 5
G. Matz, W. Schröder

The Use of Innovative Techniques in the Assessment and Clean-up of Contaminated Gas Works Sites 14 – 5
A. Mianzan, B. Walker

Augmentation of Mercury Concentration in Soil and Sediments of the Sava River Banks and Terraces in Zagreb City, Croatia 14 – 5
A. L. Palinkas, K. Namjesnik, S. Miko, B. Muvrin, B. Kavedzija

Determination of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons in Contaminated Soils and Groundwater 14 – 8
A. D. Polackov, A. N. Vasiliev

Low Doses of Benzene, Aflatoxin B1 and Peptide-amino Acid Preparations Activate the Immune System by Different Mechanisms 14 – 8
O. Ya. Popova, G. A. Belokrylov, O. N. Derevnina, E. I. Sorochinskaya

Effective Sorbent of Ammonia 14 – 8
V. A. Povazhny, A. A. Larina, L. V. Golovko

Adverse Impacts to Surface Water from Tar Contaminated Sediments from an MGP? 14 – 8
F. F. E. Randow, T. Hübener, G. Merkel

Remediation in a Populated Area on a Former Gasworks. A EU LIFE Demonstration Project 14 – 9
J. Skaarup, M. Petersen

Biodegradation of Cyanide and its Metal Complexes from Former Gaswork Sites 14 – 9
V. A. Tett, M. Barclay, E. Erbsland, C. J. Knowles

Adsorber for Groundwater Purification 14 – 9
A. N. Vasiliev

Clean-Up of Soil, Surface Run-off and Groundwater Affected by Coal Storage and Manufactured Gas Plant Solid Waste 14 – 10
A. Vasiliev, V. Rastogi

A New Procedure for Soilgas Extraction at Shallow Groundwater Tables 14 – 10
G. M. Wiedenbeck