Efficient implementation of mining waste regulations and future tailings-related qualifications
Katarzyna Kreft-Burman, Jouko Saarela, Darron Dixon-Hardy and Jon Engels

Tailings dams are usually operated by mining companies or consultancies with experience of tailings facilities, and remain under the supervision of state mining authorities. However, the safety of tailings dams is often not the priority of mining safety legislation and often may not be considered in any great detail. Legislation applicable to tailings management facilities varies in the different EU Member 
States, and usually includes environmental protection, waste, water and construction legislation.

The relatively recent mining-related accidents at Baia Mare, Romania in 2000 and Aznalcóllar, Spain in 1998, and the pollution they caused, have attracted the attention of the public to the environmental and safety hazards of mining activities. As a response to these accidents, the European Commission launched a proposal for a new directive on the management of waste from the extractive industries on 2.6.2003. It is believed that a common set of rules at EU level will establish a level playing field in terms of minimum administrative control and supervision in the extractive industries sector. The purpose of this paper is to present some ideas and suggestions as to how new mining regulations could be implemented and maintained.

Key words: implementation of regulations, legislation on mining waste, tailings dams safety

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 15 (2), 219-222 (2007)

DOI 10.2462/09670513.851

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