Land Contamination & Reclamation. Volume 10 (2002)

Volume 10: Number 1

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations and their application to the investigation and remediation of contaminated land
pp. 1-10
Westcott, Francis J.

Conference report: Third Contaminated Land Meeting at Reading University
pp. 11-15
Wood, P.

Application of the EPA hydrocarbon spill screening model to a hydrocarbon contaminated site in Thailand
pp. 17-24
Mahatnirunkul, Vasin; Towprayoon, Sirintornthep; Bashkin, Vladimir

The evaluation of land remediation methods
pp. 25-31
Mansfield, R.M.; Moohan, J.A.J.

Volume 10: Number 2

Efficiency and potential environmental impacts of different cleaning agents used on contaminated railway ballast
pp. 71-77
Anderson, P.; Cunningham, C.J.; Barry, D.A.

Ryegrass, fescue and clover growth on London Clay amended with waste materials
pp. 79-89
Sellers, G.; McRae, S.G.; Cook, H.F.

Requirements on leak monitoring systems for HDPE Geomembrane Landfill Liner
pp. 91-99
Müller, Werner; Seeger, Stefan

Implementation of the EC Landfill Directive: the Landfill (Englandand Wales) Regulations2002
pp. 101-105
Holgate, Geoff

Effects of erosion on some properties of soil within the top 0.2 m of storage dumps
pp. 107-114
Ghose, M.K.

Volume 10: Number 3

General principles for remedial approach selection
pp. 137-160
Bardos, Paul; Nathanail, Judith; Pope, Brian

Site characterization in the USA and Europe - a comparative review of approaches, costs and solutions driven by objectives
pp. 161-178
Bluestone, Simon; Shull, Lee

Airborne soil contamination by heavy metals in Russia and Poland, andits remediation
pp. 179-187
Galiulin, Rauf V.; Bashkin, Vladimir N.; Galiulina, Rosa A.; Kucharski, Rafal

Volume 10: Number 4

The regeneration of contaminated land by stabilisation/solidification: the findings of a study mission to the USA
pp. 231-237
Jones, Hilary M.; Hills, Colin D.

Evaluation of demonstrated and emerging technologies for the treatment and clean-up of contaminated land and groundwater
pp. 239-245
James, S.C.; Kovalick Jr, W.W.

Simulation of 2,4-D herbicide transformation in the soil-water-bottom sediment system in the floodplain of the Oka River, Russia
pp. 247-254
Galiulin, Rauf V.; Bashkin, Vladimir N.; Galiulina, Rosa A.

Natural attenuation and the risk-based corrective action approach at a hydrocarbon contaminated site in Thailand
pp. 255-265
Mahatnirunkul, Vasin; Towprayoon, Sirintornthep; Bashkin, Vladimir; Punsutharos, Suntorn