Treatment of recycled compost material with topsoil in order to control cracking of pavement infrastructure
Napat Intharasombat, Anand J. Puppala, Syed Qasim, Richard Williammee and Laureano R. Hoyos

Compost is a disinfected and stable decomposed organic material obtained from the composting process of different types of solid wastes. Composting is recognized as one of the innovative ways of recycling waste materials, by converting materials rich in pathogens to innocuous materials that could be effectively used in various day-to-day applications. Many US state Department of Transportation agencies (DOTs) and cities have utilized compost in highway construction, for various applications. This paper presents an overview of various forms of compost produced across the USA, and describes various studies, including landscaping and erosion control. This paper also presents an innovative way to stabilize expansive soil by using compost-amended soils. Compost amendment with topsoils, and how this process led to reduced shrinkage cracking in topsoils and adjacent pavement test sections, are presented. Major findings and future research needs are also mentioned.

Key words: civil infrastructure, compost, erosion control, expansive subgrades, soil stabilization

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 18 (4), 373-382 (2011)

DOI 10.2462/09670513.1017

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