The interface between the MOKKA decision-support tool and EUGRIS: an integrated approach
J. Fehér, P. Bardos, G. Fehér and Zs. Dargai

The MOKKA project comprised a range of activities to develop innovation in contaminated land risk assessment and risk reduction, and procedures for the control, verification and validation of new methods.

One of these activities was the development of a decision-support tool (DST) to assist contaminated land managers. The MOKKA DST team cooperated closely with EUGRIS, an existing European information system to provide MOKKA with:

a. a large library of information already compiled;
b. a working and well-trafficked information dissemination route, which can be closely co-ordinated with the aims of MOKKA;
c. a route for collating information from currently active projects;
d. directory services for organizations and individuals.

The paper discusses how the two systems are linked, and how linking benefits the MOKKA DST. The main points of synergy between MOKKA and EUGRIS are:

a. Allowing the MOKKA DST to access the international state of the art.
b. Providing an information resource, which the producers of the MOKKA technical databases and fact-sheets can ‘data-mine’ to collect reference materials to support their work.
c. Presenting a wide range of information already compiled on EUGRIS in a format that is user-friendly to a Hungarian audience.
d. Promoting Hungarian projects, outputs, systems, expertise and organizations to a wider European audience.
e. Using the existing EUGRIS glossary system as a starting point for MOKKA’s own dictionaries and also enhance the EUGRIS audience’s understanding of Hungarian technical terminology and regulatory/policy terms.
f. Supplying supplementary supporting information to DST outputs, such as relevant document links, case studies, R&D projects, and also wider searching/advice.

Key words: case studies, contaminated land management, decision-support tool, soil remediation, technical database

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 17 (3-4), 717-725 (2009)

DOI 10.2462/09670513.979

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