EURODEMO – improving the uptake of efficient soil and groundwater remediation technologies
Yvonne Spira,  David Edwards,  John Henstock,  Hervé Gaboriau,  Corinne Merly, Dietmar Müller, Volker Birke and Hans van Duijne

EURODEMO was initiated to counter market barriers and support the market uptake of innovative technologies in the field of soil and groundwater remediation. Therefore, the project has worked to make existing information about innovative technologies, demonstration projects and possible funding sources accessible at one central place. Additionally, accompanying measures for carrying out ‘good quality’ demonstration projects have been developed. These strategic measures aim at increasing stakeholder confidence and acceptance regarding innovative methods. Thus, more and more efficient implementations of existing innovative soil and groundwater remediation technologies will be facilitated. In this article, the main project results are summarized, and proposals for a continuation of strategic support for innovative remediation technologies are made.

Key words: demonstration projects, efficient implementation,  funding sources,  innovative soil and groundwater remediation technologies,  market barrier,  market uptake,  stakeholder confidence,  strategic support

Land Contamination & Reclamation, 17 (3-4), 685-692 (2009)

DOI 10.2462/09670513.966

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